Kaitlin L, Client

In a nutshell, Ben & Kate Real Estate is absolutely, positively amazing and if you’re looking for an extremely talented, knowledgeable, caring and dedicated team of RE individuals, look no further because they are truly the best. There just aren’t enough positive adjectives in the dictionary to describe them. 
We fortunately got hooked up with Kate randomly by the online real estate Gods (thank goodness) when we purchased our first home back in 2012. We were nervous at first, for no reason other than this was our first time doing this and we were 26 years old. Kate quickly won us over by showing us how much she cared about her clients and how well informed she was about all things real estate. After seeing many homes and what seemed like a long road of ups and downs, fate played a hand again and Kate found us our first home that we absolutely loved for seven years.
When it was time again to search for our next home, it wasn’t even a question that we would use Kate again. She truly is the most wonderful, caring, dedicated, trustworthy and knowledgeable real agent there could ever be. She knows the markets down pat, as well as the towns and houses within that town as if she has lived in them all herself. She works really hard to make all of her clients happy, even if it is a long winding road that gets them there. And the best part is, she works her butt off and has this uncanny natural ability to get to know her clients and what is best for them. There was never a doubt that Kate had our best interests at hand.
We had a crazy experience buying and selling our home with unbelievable stories saved for another day, but knowing Kate had our back and knowing she would do absolutely anything within her power to get the job done kept us afloat throughout the process. We finally moved in to what will hopefully be our forever home and are so incredible happy with it, and grateful that we had Kate as our Real Estate agent and now friend throughout all of it.
We would be remiss not to mention Ben and their entire team who also helped throughout the process. They are so organized, caring and truly dedicated to their clients, always throwing client appreciation events, touching base, making sure everyone is happy. It meant the world to us knowing we had the best people working with us during such a big monumental decision in our family’s life.
If you couldn’t tell by my novel, we HIGHLY recommend Kate, Ben and the whole team at Ben & Kate Real Estate – they truly are the best and you will be in THE very best hands working with them.
We love you guys!!!! Thank you for everything. We are so appreciative and value you guys more than words could describe.